The COVID-19 public health crisis and resulting economic catastrophe have put local governments under unprecedented strain. But, the pandemic is also creating unparalleled opportunity in the form of federal funds that are being provided to county governments to support public health and lay the foundation for a strong and equitable economic recovery.

One tangible consequence of this is that Beaver County has received or soon will receive over $100 million in federal funding to invest in Beaver County’s future. Wise leaders will quickly remind the public that these funds come with regulations, reporting requirements, and expectations. That is undoubtedly true. But, it also true that the US Treasury has provided considerable leeway in how these funds can be deployed, particularly in Qualified Census Tracts, of which Beaver County has fifteen. On top of this, some substantial percentage of these funds will be deemed fully unrestricted as a way of offsetting lost revenue during the pandemic.

To see how other creative communities are utilizing these funds, today we are sharing a report about the City of Pittsburgh’s use of these funds. Look over this report and imagine what would be possible if Beaver County invested only a tiny fraction of these funds in saving trails in your community.