Wednesday evening, stakeholders from around the region met with representatives from PennDOT to discuss the Monaca Gateway Project. An exciting undertaking in its own right, this project also has huge implications for trails in the heart of Beaver County. At the center of this plan is a roundabout that will help with traffic flow at the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Seventeenth Street. The roundabout planning process has incorporated the Ohio River Trail into its vision and, along with Monaca’s ongoing streetscape efforts, will provide bike lanes through downtown Monaca, all the way to the Monaca / Rochester Bridge.

For advocates of trails in Beaver County this is yet another tangible sign that trail connectivity is not only possible but is coming to life in our communities. And, it’s yet another reason why saving the Black’s Run Bridge makes so much sense. With a 15-mile loop of trails just to the south of the Monaca Gateway and roundabout, we are that much closer to realizing a growing regional vision for a network of trails through the heart of Beaver County.

This is not a future hope. In fact, municipal leaders have now raised some $5 million in funding, and construction is slated to begin next year on the project.

The vision is coming together. Make sure to sign on by adding your name to the petition.