If you’ve been following along over the last 30 days, you know that we’ve made a pretty thorough case for why saving trails through the heart of Beaver County is important. And, you might be wondering what comes next. We thought you might ask, so here’s a quick overview of our next steps.

First, in the coming weeks, officials from Harrisburg will be traveling to Beaver County to discuss strategy and funding opportunities related to the project. At present, we are anticipating the PA Department of Community and Economic Development, PA Department of Transportation, and the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to be represented at this gathering. Of course, we will also invite the Beaver County Board of Commissioners to this important meeting. You can read about how our campaign caught the eyes of state officials in this recent story from the Beaver County Times.

Second, in the coming days we will be sifting through the vast amounts of support we have received during the campaign. Individuals, organizations, businesses, and collaboratives all showed support for this exciting project. So, we are working on some infographics that share some of these details.

Third, we will continue collecting signatures on the petition, which you can still sign by clicking here. Along the way we will continue to engage with the Board of Commissioners as appropriate, responding to any emerging questions they might have, and providing additional information as needed.

Although our 30-Day Campaign has come to a close, rest assured that our work on this project is far from complete. If and until we have clarity from the Board of Commissioners, we will continue to make our case heard as necessary. So, stay tuned, stay engaged, and stay hopeful. We’re leveling up our capacity to make our collective voice heard and to move our county and region into a more vibrant future.