RiverWise has been making a lot of noise about the Franklin Avenue Park. But the story is actually considerably bigger and wider than that. When the call for community projects was first announced, a group of community leaders across RiverWise and New Sun Rising’s network quickly formed to share learnings, encourage one another, and help to sharpen each other’s proposals.

All told, 4 community projects spanning 6 project sites were awarded nearly $3 million in total funding when President Biden signed the FY2022 Budget into law. This article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette shares more about that work.

Collaboration and network building matter. This recent round of funding is yet another tangible example of what it looks like when communities and organizations come together to share learning and work together toward a broader vision for our region.

Source – U.S. lawmakers from southwestern Pennsylvania bring home $51.5 million under new earmark reforms