Amidst COVID-19, RiverWise has been focused on the following strategic priorities:  


Providing access to information relevant to Beaver County individuals and organizations


Telling the stories of Beaver County residents serving others throughout the COVID-19 crisis


Aggregating community needs, identifying opportunities, and working towards solutions


Encouraging those within our network through writing, gathering, and sharing experiences

Take a look below to see how these priorities are guiding the way we are thinking about community making amidst the Coronavirus crisis.

Beaver County COVID-19 Data Hub

Created by our fiscal sponsor, the Beaver County Regional Council of Governments, this page provides information, maps, and resources about the coronavirus response in our area and beyond.

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“The Helpers” Video Series

Residents of Beaver County have gone above and beyond to help one another during COVID-19, and the RiverWise team has worked to capture many of these experiences and activities on video.

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“The Helpers” Multimedia Series

The stories of COVID-19 are complex, so RiverWise has partnered with a team of Beaver County artists to show that complexity in picture, video, writing, and audio form. See a collection of their work.

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Community Builder Corps

Patterned after Depression Era programs, the Community Builder Corps employs recently unemployed individuals to work on three-month long community-focused projects.

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RiverWise Equity Strategy

Equitable access to local, state, and federal resources will not happen by accident. Read about RiverWise’s plan to ensure an equitable distribution of resources amidst COVID-19.

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RiverWise has recently partnered with Rustbelt Mayberry Photography to capture images of Beaver County residents during the Coronavirus pandemic. We’ve included a few of those photos here. You can see the full library at this link.