Train Derailment: Get Help and Take Action


“The only way to get answers is if we all come together and put Norfolk Southern’s feet to the fire. We need to push our leaders to hold them responsible. The people need to make their voices heard and speak out.”

– Amanda Kemmer, Mom of 4 from Darlington, PA

View of Air Pollution from Route 51 in Chippewa
Source: Jason Milligan Facebook, 2/6/23 compiled by the Little Beaver Historical Society


Protect Beaver County:
Air, Water, Soil, Accountability after Norfolk Southern Train Derailment in East Palestine, OH

The recent toxic train derailment in East Palestine, OH occurred less than one mile from the PA / OH state line, affecting residents of northwest Beaver County in immediate and profound ways. To date, national attention has been focused largely on Ohio, leaving many unmet needs here in Beaver County.

This page is intended as a connection to resources, information and advocacy for Beaver County residents who need short-term help and long-term change to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

This is a joint effort by community and environment-focused nonprofits and coalitions in Beaver County: RiverWise, the Clean Air Council, Beaver County Marcellus Awareness Committee and Eyes on Shell. These organizations are working to raise money to help residents who need food, water, personal protective equipment and other disaster-related urgent needs.

To get help or get involved, contact Erin Ninehouser with RiverWise at 412-863-1047 or fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch! As we are able, we will do our best to connect residents to other resources.

To donate to the Beaver County Train Derailment Response Fund, go to:

Do you need private water well testing?

Contact the DEP Southwest Regional Office at 412-442-4000. Read the PA DEP’s statement on the train derailment and subsequent testing.

Do you need personal protective equipment?

Respirators are available at Lowe’s (replacement cartridges here) and Home Depot (household or occupational respirators, with replacement cartridges for household or occupational). As more people donate to our community fundraiser, we will try to provide respirators to people in need.

Please fill out the contact form above to let us know what your family’s immediate needs are.

We can’t guarantee we can meet them but we are working to rally resources.

Follow official updates and resources from the State of Pennsylvania:

PEMA Train Derailment Dashboard

Find your elected representatives:


Congressman Chris Deluzio, 202-225-2301
Norfolk Southern Derailment Resources & Updates from Rep. Deluzio

US EPA Ongoing Updates (mostly daily) on East Palestine Train Derailment
Latest EPA Updates and Testing Results
EPA Information Line: 215-814-2400. Open from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.


Governor Josh Shapiro, 717-787-2500

Latest Statements:

Pennsylvania Department of Health, 1-877-PAHEALTH (1-877-724-3258) or

Pennsylvania Depts. of Health and Environmental Protection Jointly-Issued FAQs Updated Feb. 16, 2023


Senator Elder Vogel, 717-787-3076
Represents all of the affected communities

Senator Camera Bartolotta, 717-787-1463
Represents parts of Southwest Beaver County


Representative Jim Marshall, 717-260-6432
Represents Darlington, New Galilee, Big Beaver

Representative Joshua Kail, 717-260-6144
Represents Beaver and the Ohio border communities south of Darlington

Representative Rob Matzie, 717-787-4444
Represents central and southern Beaver County towns


Beaver County Commissioners
Public Meetings: Second and Fourth Thursday of every month at 10am in the Beaver County Commissioners’ Conference Room, Beaver County Courthouse in Beaver.

Daniel Camp, 724-770-4402

Tony Amadio, 724-770-4401

Jack Manning, 724-770-4403

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