Welcome to the end of week one of our 30 day campaign to save trails in Beaver County. This week, our goal was to introduce you to the campaign, tell you a bit about the history of trail advocacy in our area, and be sure that you understood why completing the petition was so important. Next week our goal is to demonstrate just how vital trail development is to the future of Beaver County’s economy, community development efforts, tourism, population growth, quality of life, and so much more.

Estimates suggest that this project could generate over $10 million dollars in development in Beaver County, and many times beyond that in investment, spending, tourism, and more. This link directs you to seven different highly detailed studies demonstrating the economic impact of trail development. Take a look and see why saving trails is an obvious investment in your economic future.

When you’re done learning, be sure to follow RiverWise on social media to keep up with this important campaign. Together we can save trails in Beaver County and lead our region into the future.