Numerous regional and national trail systems aspire to travel directly through Beaver County. One such project, The Industrial Heartlands Trail, is a network of 1,500+ miles of shared use trails throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

A key artery in this project is the Ashtabula to Pittsburgh Corridor, which is slated to travel directly through the heart of Beaver County. Failing to save trails in Beaver County would not only keep us from enjoying the benefits of being part of this network. A failure to prioritize trails also means that Beaver County will quickly become an obvious and public impediment to high profile multi-state projects.

Today, we are providing this link to a video that describes the ambitious vision behind the Industrial Heartlands Trail. Take a look and see what being part of a multi-state network looks like, and then be sure to follow RiverWise on social media to keep up with this important campaign. Together we can save trails in Beaver County and lead our region into the future.