Often, leadership underperforms not because of what it does, but rather because of what it fails to attempt. Philanthropic leaders, government officials, and business executives have often told community stakeholders that Beaver County is underperforming its peers by leaving millions of dollars of money on the table each year in the form of grants, sponsorships, partnerships and more. Most often these opportunities are lost because we fail to have a clearly articulated plan, we cannot demonstrate a willingness to work productively with regional leadership, and we consequently send signals to funders that we are unprepared to steward their investments in our future.

Today, we’re providing a link to this article by Rails-to-Trails that outlines over a billion dollars in new money being made available by the Biden administration for local trail development. This is one of countless programs from which Beaver County stakeholders should be benefitting. More and more each day residents of the region are realizing how critical it is that we align priorities and speak loudly with one voice. Otherwise, we’re losing out on millions of dollars in local investment, public amenities, enhanced quality of life, and so much more.