As we mentioned earlier this week, the topic of trails in Beaver County is not at all new. In fact, there have been over $1 million worth of plans undertaken related to trail recreation in Beaver County.

Today, we are sharing this link to a bunch of those plans so that you can see the vision for the future of the region. It is well beyond time to move past planning and toward action. Take a look and you will quickly see that we are poised to bring trails to life in Beaver County.

After you’ve spent some time looking over these plans, be sure to follow RiverWise on social media to keep up with this important campaign. Together we can save trails in Beaver County and lead our region into the future.

If you haven’t already, please click here and complete this simple petition to let our County Commissioners know that you support saving trails in Beaver County. Be sure to share the petition with as many others as possible.