Over the last several months, Beaver County officials have justifiably wondered whether we can secure the funding required to complete a 15-mile loop of trails through the heart of Beaver County. It’s a reasonable concern, which is why we recently invited the Board of Commissioners to a meeting with senior leaders of the PA Department of Community and Economic Development, the PA Department of Natural Resources, and the PA Department of Transportation.

It’s also why we’ve teed up meetings with numerous regional philanthropic partners who have long supported regional trail development. And, this is why we have drawn attention to the $92 million in new money recently made available to the county from federal COVID relief. Earlier this month, our case got even strong due to the passage of the long-awaited Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

As the document linked here explains, this bill “more than doubles [federal] funding for trails, walking and biking.” With all these opportunities before us, there has never been a wiser time to invest in the future of trails in Beaver County.

Source: New Opportunities for Trails, Walking and Biking in Congress’s Package of Infrastructure Bills