Did you know that we are in danger of losing a once in a generation opportunity to build trails in Beaver County? It’s true. Without swift and focused action, we could easily miss out on the opportunity to build a network of trails in the heart of our county for the next fifty years or more. To make sure this doesn’t happen, over the next 30 days we will catch you up on what’s going on, why this is important to your future, and what you can easily do to help.

As we will remind you over and over, the easiest and most obvious way you can make your voice heard is by signing and sharing the petition linked below. Be sure to follow RiverWise on social media to keep up with this important campaign. Together, we can save trails in Beaver County and lead our region into the future.

If you haven’t already, please click here and complete this simple petition to let our County Commissioners know that you support saving trails in Beaver County. Be sure to share the petition with as many others as possible.