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As an organization, RiverWise works alongside many communities, contexts, and projects. To help stakeholders make sense of it all, we have created an interactive timeline of our last 3 years of activity.


Our Mission

RiverWise seeks to organize community power and voice so that all people, organizations, and communities in Beaver County can thrive. RiverWise envisions Beaver County as a place where individuals, organizations, and communities have the skills, relationships, and resources required to create the kinds of communities in which they wish to live. We value networks over individuals. We value the future over an idealized past. We value freedom over control. We value wisdom over experience. We value solutions over problems. And we value action over perfection.

Riverwise Brings Sustainability to Beaver County

Beaver County is going through some big changes. Shell is building a multi-billion-dollar ethane cracker which will use ethane from the region’s natural gas to produce the building blocks of plastic. The plant will bring an anticipated 600 jobs to the region, but also air and water pollution. RiverWise, a non-profit in Beaver County is bringing people together there to talk about sustainability…  Continue Reading….

The Future of Petrochemicals in Western Pennsylvania:

A Community Perspective

On October 30, 2019, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto publicly announced his opposition to additional petrochemical development in Western Pennsylvania. Responses to the Mayor’s comments were substantial and swift, quickly generating the kind of polarization that has become all too familiar in public discourse about important and contentious topics.    Continue Reading….

Recent Activity


In response to the COVID-19 crisis, RiverWise has recently launched the Community Builder Corps. Here’s a quick look at some of the Corps Builder positions we would like to have filled in the coming months.

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Earth Day Cleanup

RiverWise has been busy making lots of news around Beaver County, promoting sustainability, citizen agency, and vibrant communities. Take a look at our archive of stories.

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Storytelling has always been central to the work of RiverWise. To help tell the stories of “The Helpers” during COVID-19, we have partnered with the Listening Library of Beaver County.

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