COVID-19: The Helpers

In partnership with The Listening Library: Beaver County, RiverWise has been documenting the stories of Beaver County people and organizations who are helping others in this season of growing need.

Community Revealed through Crisis: A Photo Essay on COVID-19 in Beaver County

As children, we were comforted by the words and example of Mr. Rogers who recalled his Mother’s words of wisdom in scary and uncertain times: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” As adults, we realize that WE are the helpers.
– Erin Ninehouser, Rustbelt Mayberry Photography


COVID-19 in Beaver County:
The Helpers – Faith Restorations Food Pantry

““It’s not always roses, sometimes it’s dandelions, but you have to help each other. Be kind, be patient, be loyal, be servants.”
– Dave Brailey, Faith Restorations, Inc. co-founder

Tanisha Gardner, Mother of Four

COVID-19 in Beaver County:
The Helpers – A Pandemic Education

“I didn’t realize that there were actually people in the community that hear you. . . It made me feel proud to be part of the Ambridge community.”
– Tanisha Gardner, Mother of Four

A Sign of the Times

Community Amidst a Pandemic:
COVID-19 in Beaver County

During this season of tremendous change, we must, as a region, continue to dream, learn, and collaborate together about the future we wish to create.
– Daniel Rossi-Keen, Director, RiverWise

The Ladle and Hearth, Ambridge

COVID-19 in Beaver County:
The Helpers – Feeding Our Neighbors

“When we were hit with this crisis, people were shocked that we were going to stay open, and our response as a board was ‘Why would we go away? We’re family.’
– Aida Dugan, Director, The Ladle